2014 Iowa Humanities Festival Schedule

9:00-9:45       Registration at Salisbury House

9:45-10:00    Welcome

10:00-11:00  Breakout Panels

                          Breakout#1, Common Room

The Imagery of Progressive Politics from Mexico to Iowa: The Cedar Rapids Federal Courthouse Mural

Presenter: Ellen Hoobler, Cornell

 Breakout #2, Historic Garage

Home Sweet Biome:  Rustic and Academic Environmental Education in Iowa

Presenter: Mary Trachsel, UI

Breakout #3, Indian Room

Reading the Landscape:  On Finding Willa Cather in Sri Lanka

Presenter:  Elizabeth Robertson, Drake

Guided Tour, Library

Sign up required

11:00-11:15  Break

11:15-12:15  Breakout #1, Common Room

Mythologies of Return:  Homeland and Diaspora in Ana Medieta’s Rupestrian Sculptures

Presenter: Adriana Mendez Rodenas, UI

Breakout #2, Historic Garage

Embracing Nature While Resisting Culture:  U.S. Teachers ‘at Home’ in Late 19th-Century Argentina

Presenter: Karen Leroux, Drake

Breakout #3, Indian Room

The Secret Life of Phan Nhien Hao or, Translation and Transnation in the Midwest

Presenter: Hai-Dang Phan, Grinnell

Guided Tour, Library

Sign up required

12:15-12:45 Pick up box lunches

12:45-1:15   Lunch speakers

    Lunch #1, Common Room

    Iowa, Islam, and Algeria: Bridging the Local and the Global in Small-Town Iowa

    Presenter: Janice Gross, Grinnell

    Lunch #2, Indian Room

    Chai Why? The Making of the Indian National Drink

    Presenter: Philip Lutgendorf, UI

1:30-2:30      Breakout#1, Common Room

Alexander von Humboldt and the Founding of Dubuque’s Iowa Institute of Science and Arts

Presenter: Stephen Sturgeon, UI   

Breakout #2, Historic Garage

Pencils, Blackboards, and Crucifixes:  Northern Nuns and Southern African American Schools

Presenter:  Megan Stout Sibbel, Salisbury House

Breakout #3, Indian Room

Looking after Minidoka – Memoirs of a Japanese-American Family

Presenter: Neil Nakodate, ISU

Guided Tour, Library

Sign up required

2:30-2:45       Break

2:45-3:45       Breakout#1, Common Room

                           Of Art and Others:  The Transnational Journey of an African Mask

                           Presenter: John Monroe, ISU

 Breakout #2, Historic Garage

 Neurocosmopolitanism: Poetic Potential in Autism

 Presenter: Raph Savarese, Grinnell

 Breakout #3, Indian Room

 Yo soy iowense / I am an Iowan: Being Bilingual in the 21st Century

 Presenters: Christine Shea and Julia Oliver-Rajan, UI

 Guided Tour, Library

 Sign up required

3:45-4:15       Break/Travel to Des Moines Art Center

4:15-5:15       Plenary Panel featuring Jeff Fleming, Des Moines Art Center; Catherine Hale,

                           University of Iowa Museum of Art; and Loyce Arthur, Theatre, UI

5:15-6:15       Closing reception