Mazeppa - Film Screening

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 7:00pm
Event Location: 
Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, 111 Church St.
Iowa City, IA

"Mazeppa" has been called a speculative meditation on the life and art of the French Romantic painter Theodore Gericault and his relationship with the Franconi Circus. Conceived and directed by Bartabas, a renowned horse trainer and impresario of the Theatre Equestre Zingaro, it is an equestrian fever dream that suggests Peter Shaffer's play "Equus," but with the mystical fervor multiplied severalfold. Set in the early 19C, the movie studies equestrian form and anatomy with a painter's and a horse breeder's eye. Horses are graphically photographed excreting, mating and giving birth, as well as cantering, galloping, and executing tricks. In one of the movie's most sensual moments, the camera compares human and equine limbs as naked humans make love in a stable. 

SCREENED/AWARDED AT: Cannes Film Festival

After-screening discussion led by Professor Kim Marra (Theatre)