"Palestine: Beautiful Resistance," A presentation by Abu Srour

Monday, April 14, 2014 - 7:00pm
Event Location: 
Iowa City Public Library
123 S. Linn St.
Iowa City, IA

Aida refugee camp in Occupied Palestine is, at first glance, a very unhappy place.  Filled with displaced families expelled in 1948, plagued with an unemployment rate of 77% and a poverty rate of 80%, Aida is almost completely surrounded by Israel's wall. Forced to spend each day under harsh military rule, the people of Aida live in the kind of desperation that continually feeds the cycle of violence. Abdul Fattah Abu Srour, director of Al Rowwad: Pioneers for Life, is determined to make a difference and forge a path of hope. Al Rowwad's mission is to use art, theatre, and music as a creative alternative to destructive violence. Established in 1998, its theatre company has toured the world and its educational and medical outreach programs have benefited countless families in the West Bank. This event is sponsored by the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights with co-sponsorship from the Obermann Center.