The Triangle Club presents: Plan B: Designing a Global System of Sustainable Prosperity with Energy and Transportation, by Michael Garvin

Sunday, April 21, 2013 - 11:30am
Event Location: 
University Club
1360 Melrose Avenue
Iowa City, IA 52240

Mr. Garvin is the former Technology Transfer Specialist for the University of Iowa. He designed entrepreneurial studies courses in that position. He has developed seven start-up companies in the state of Iowa, Wisconsin and Texas. True to both definitions, Garvin has spent the last 20 years helping to effect fairly huge changes in some very complex systems in the economy. In the 1990s, while working with the University of Wisconsin (Madison) and later at the University of Iowa, he helped research, design and introduce technical developments to the medical industry that resulted in a vast overhaul of safety practices and safety equipment used in hospitals and medical facilities nationwide. He still directs a number of research projects around electric transportation and fuel cells at Iowa State University.
Garvin founded his North Liberty-based company RENAIS (Renewable Energy Network for Aggregating and Integrating Services) LLC in 2008 to set economic models that allow electric and plug-in hybrid cars and service vehicles viable commodities in the mainstream market.He is one of the founding members of the Iowa Northern Energy Corridor (INEC). INEC pairs the most advance non-oil energy production technologies in the context of a major short-haul railroad corridor stretching from Cedar Rapids, through Waterloo to Manly, Iowa.
Mr. Garvin specializes in new electric-powered technologies. He is presently working with electric car companies in the United States, Europe and China. His financial models, developed in conjunction with the Tippee College of Business at the University of Iowa, involve analyzing how emerging technologies can increase the profitability of investor-owned utilities.
Michael has just been recognized as being 1 of the 100 most innovative thinkers in the arena of ‘Carbon-Free Economy Development’ in the USA. As part of the recognition Michael and his lovely wife, Bonnie, were invited to President Obama’s Inauguration.
In addition to being invited to the Presidential Inauguration, Michael has been asked to meet with the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy. He has also been asked to meet with the Director of Budgeting for the Department of Energy and present the DynaCERT technology he is currently working with. Michael’s recognition and access to top level decision makers in the USA Department of Energy provides a rare opportunity to advance the work that has motivated Michael for decades.
Mr. Garvin earned his Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology from Benedictine College and then his Masters of Hospital Administration from St. Louis University. Garvin lives with his wife, Bonnie and their teenage twin daughters in North Liberty, Iowa.