Works-in-Progress Festival (WiP)

Thursday, October 18, 2012 (All day) to Saturday, October 20, 2012 (All day)
Event Location: 
Bijou Theater
Iowa City, IA

Works-in-Progress (WiP) is an interdisciplinary festival that showcases unfinished creative projects in a variety of media. As each artist (or scholar, or worker) presents a "work in progress," audience members are not simply spectators, but are active participants in a process of critique that involves a diversity of perspectives and methods. WiP will include a variety of panels and breakout sessions, performances, informal opportunities for conversation and collaboration, and keynote talks by visiting artists. WiP is an attempt to build bridges across academic and artistic disciplines, and between the University and the city in which we live. Works-in-Progress holds broad appeal for individuals affiliated with the University of Iowa, and for members of the broader Iowa City community who work creatively but may not often be included in “workshop”-like settings.

The primary sponsors for this year’s festival include both community organizations and departments affiliated with the University. These include the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, Public Space One, the Iowa City Senior Center, the Digital Studio for Public Humanities, the Department of Cinema and Comparative Literature, and the International Writing Program.

6:30-8:30pm @ Bijou Theater   **Special Keynote Talk and Screening for Proseminar**
In Transit:  From Early Video to HD: The Work of Ant Farm and Chip Lord *Chip Lord in person*
9pm-11:30pm @ PSZ **Opening Night Kick-Off**
Readings/performances byIWP and Anthology writers:
Alea Adigweme
Sean Zhuraw
Justin Jannise
Sarah Viren
Federico Falco
Rachel Yoder
Luis Bravo
Installations by Chelsea Cox and Robert Rook
Delicious "lefse" prepared by Kelly McElroy
Performance by General XOXO (Dora Malech, A.C. Hawley, Jason Livingston, Kyle Stine, Chad Vollrath)
Friday October 19
2:30-4pm @ ICPL **Artists Panel**
Henry Finch
Gabby McNally
Heidi Wiren Bartlett
Charles Woodard
4:30-6pm @ ICPL **Artists Panel**
Jesse Damazo
Mark NeuCollins, Jon Winet and others TBA
Emily Duncan
Sophie Radl
7-8pm @ The Center **Dinner Plates and Outer Space**
Space Camp (Josh Eklow & Derek Andes)
Pat Muller
Installations by Sinah Ober, Brian Prugh, Radha Pandey
8:30-10pm @ The Center  **Special Keynote Presentation**
Kenneth Goldsmith presents his 10 year “in-progress” project…still in-progress
10:30pm @ Walnut Farms
"This is Always" hosted by Walnut Farms
Saturday October 20
2-3:30pm @ Public Space One **Artists Panel**
Laura Iancu
Gershom Jere (Skyped in from Zambia)
Jose Emilio
Tibi Chelcea
Jill Kambs
4-5:30pm @ Public Space One  **Artists Panel**
Tyler Luetkehans
Johanna Schuster-Craig
Nick Twemlow
Clint Peters
6-7:30pm @ Public Space One **Artists Panel**
Hannah Frank
Chris Martin
Adam Engelbrecht
Rachel Singel
8pm-9pm  @ PSZ  **Open House & Dinner**
Food and talk by Kristen DeGree and Amanda Murphy
Installations by Colin Schrader, Nicole Hollerman, Isaac Sullivan
Zenzic Press Open House (Chris Mortenson & Kristen Necessary)
9:30pm-very, very late @ Public Space One **Panels/Charismatic Leadership**
Jared Harvey and Leif Haven
Caleb Gentry
Georg Koszulinski
Buffy Quintero and Jennifer Shook
Andy Thierauf
AND special performance by guest artist Katie Grace McGowan
PLUS Installations (all day) by Sinah Ober & Kasia Plazinska
**Polaroid documentation of festival ongoing by Taylor Yocom (work displayed at PS1 & PSZ)**

Digital Studio for Public Humanities
The Writers’ Workshop
UI Department of Cinema and Comparative Literature
Frank N Magid Undergraduate Writing Center
International Writing Program
Public Space One
Obermann Center
Iowa City Public Library
University of Iowa Museum of Art
The Center
University of Iowa Center for the Book
Institute for Cinema and Culture
Wesley Center
University of Iowa Department of American Studies
School of Art and Art History
Home Ec. Workshop
Little Village Magazine