University of Iowa Faculty

Communication Sciences and Disorders | University of Iowa

Patricia Zebrowski is a professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Her research, teaching, and clinical work is focused on the development of stuttering in early childhood and the cognitive factors underlying change readiness for teenagers who stutter. She directs UISPEAKS, a week-long summer residential program for teenagers who stutter. More recently, she has found herself in Columbus Junction, Iowa, working with UI students and preschool teachers to enhance pre-literacy in children from Mexican immigrant and Chin Burmese refugee families.

School of Music | University of Iowa

Kimber is Associate Professor of Musicology in the School of Music. Her research has centered on biography, gender, musical reception, and the intersection of poetic recitation and music in the 19th century. She is the author of articles on the composers Felix Mendelssohn and Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, and a book, Feminine Entertainments: Women, Music, and the Spoken Word, forthcoming from the Univ. of Illinois Press. Her seminar, Classical Music in Contemporary America, and her numerous program notes reflect her interest in the revitalization of classical music’s concert culture.

Theatre Arts | University of Iowa

Loyce Arthur is an associate professor in the Department of Theatre Arts. She has designed costumes for numerous productions and enjoys the process of telling stories about people from a variety of world cultures. She has always been intrigued by why individuals wear clothes and what it says about them. She is fascinated by the role masquerade plays in multiple cultures, whether it involves actual or psychological masks. From 2006 to 2015, she spent time as a guest artist at Mahogany Mas Camp in the UK working with award-winning Carnival designer Clary Salandy, one of the few women in the world that does this work....

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow | University of Iowa

Moreton is a Postdoc Fellow with the Andrew W. Mellon Sawyer Seminar, "Cultural and Textual Exchanges: The Manuscript Across Pre-Modern Eurasia," which brings scholars of history, art history, and religion, scientists, book conservators and practitioners together to chart cultural exchanges across pre-modern Asia and Europe (c. 400-1450 CE). The interdisciplinary seminar uses a study of the manuscript book, its development and movement to map these exchanges. Moreton's research examines the influence of Islamic and Byzantine book decoration on Italian Humanist manuscripts in 15th-century Florence. She holds an MA in art history, a graduate certificate in book studies, and a PhD in history.

Anthropology | University of Iowa

James Enloe is an archeologist working on the Paleolithic of the Old World. His interests center on the transition from archaic Homo sapiens to anatomically modern humans and on subsequent behavioral changes through the end of the Pleistocene. During his residency, he will complete a monograph on all archeological occupation levels at Verberie for publication and presentation at professional meetings and continue his ongoing collaborative research on prehistoric hunting and gathering societies.  

Classics | The University of Iowa

Robert Ketterer is a professor of classics. He received a BA from Lawrence University and both MA and PhD degrees in classical studies from the University of Michigan. He has been at Iowa since 1988. He has recently taught courses on ancient and comparative drama, mythology, and the city of Rome. Professor Ketterer's research interest is in Greek and Roman drama and its reception in the classical tradition, with a special interest in early Italian opera. His book, Ancient Rome in Early Opera, was published by University of Illinois Press in 2009.

Philosophy | The University of Iowa

Dr. Landini is a UI professor of philosophy and the author of four books: Frege's Notations; what they are and how they mean (Palgrave/MacMillan 2012), Russell (Routledge 2010), Wittgenstein’s Apprentice with Russell (Cambridge, 2007) and Russell's Hidden Substitutional Theory (Oxford, 1998). He has published many articles in the philosophy of logic and metaphysics. His teaching and research interests include modal logic, the foundations of mathematics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and the history of analytic philosophy. 

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Psychological and Brain Sciences | University of Iowa

Dr. Vecera is Herman J. and Eileen S. Schmidt Chair of the UI Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. He received his PhD from the Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University and his BS from the Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon. During his semester at the Obermann Center, he will investigate the topic of distracted automobile driving; in particular, he aims to identify individuals prone to risky driving and examine how directing visual attention to a location in a driving environment is influenced by the driver's having previously looked at that spot.

School of Music | University of Iowa

Mary researches music-making and wellness in prison contexts, writing and songwriting, and collaborative communities. During her residency, she will complete the book Silenced Voices: Music-Making in U.S. Prisons. The book summarizes approaches to music-making in U.S. prisons and suggests steps for creating new musical communities in prison contexts. Additionally, she will be creating a network of researchers who lead music-making in prisons, developing new approaches to this complex and leading-edge approach to supporting returning citizens and developing restorative justice.

German | University of Iowa

Glenn Ehrstine is Associate Professor of German. His primary research interests concern German literature and the cultural transformations between the late Middle Ages and the early Reformation, with particular emphasis on religious theater, Catholic and Protestant polemics, carnival plays, and theories of the carnivalesque. His current work engages the theatrical display of relics in Corpus Christi plays and the indulgences granted to medieval audiences. He is a past president of the Society for German Renaissance and Baroque Literature and serves on the editorial board of Research on Medieval and Renaissance Drama, the journal of the Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society....

Educational Policy & Leadership Studies | University of Iowa

Watt is an associate professor in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program. Sherry recently published her latest edited book, Designing Transformative Multicultural Initiatives: Theoretical Foundations, Practical Applications and Facilitator Considerations. Her area of research explores various reactions people have to difficult dialogues related to social issues. She applies her research by teaching learners how to develop the skills to engage across differences. Sherry has written opinion pieces for On Being, ACPA College Student Educators International, and the Chronicle of Higher Education Review....

College of Public Health, Community and Behavioral Health | University of Iowa

Barbara Baquero conducts community and behavioral health research guided by the community-based participatory research principles and the social-ecological framework. The focus of her research has been on reducing and eliminating health disparities for Latino immigrants in the U.S. through identifying, understanding, implementing, and evaluating interventions that incorporate social, cultural, and structural factors associated with obesity and chronic disease prevention and control.

Art & Art History | University of Iowa

Dorothy Johnson is Roy J. Carver Professor of Art History. Her area of specialization is 18th and 19th century French and European art. She is the author of David to Delacroix: the Rise of Romantic Mythology (UNC Press, 2011). Her articles and essays have appeared in The Art BulletinArt HistoryGazette des Beaux-ArtsEighteenth-Century StudiesMaster DrawingsThe Cambridge Companion to DelacroixStudies in Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century, among others. In 2005, she received the Regents' Award for Faculty Excellence from the University of Iowa. From 1995–2009, she served as the Director of the School of Art & Art History....

English | University of Iowa

Jennifer Buckley is an assistant professor in English and Rhetoric. She teaches, researches, and writes about modern drama, theater, and performance in Europe, the UK, and the U.S., as well as about modernist print cultures. Her current research investigates the complex relationship between text and performance in the twentieth century avant-gardes. In Every Page Must Explode, the book she is now completing, she shows that while the avant-gardes may have dismissed the dramatic author, they fiercely embraced the page, altering the status, form, and function of the text in ways that continue to impact both the performing and the graphic arts.

College of Education | University of Iowa

Carolyn Colvin is a faculty member in the Language, Literacy, and Culture (LLC) program in the College of Education’s Department of Teaching and Learning. She has served as Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Academic Affairs in the College of Education, as program coordinator of LLC and English Education, and as Chair of the University Diversity Committee. She currently chairs the University’s Research Council. In her scholarship, she works on literacy for immigrant adults, parent teacher communication, literacy and the U.S. Citizenship test, and the connections between local rural economies and the arts. Her work has appeared in Journal of Adolescent and Adult LiteracyJournal of Educational PsychologyJournal of Multicultural Education, and at various conference proceedings....

French & Italian | University of Iowa

Anny Dominique Curtius is an associate professor of Francophone studies and co-directs the Caribbean, Diaspora, and Atlantic Studies Program. Her scholarship engages with Francophone studies, postcolonial theory, comparative Caribbean cultural studies, cultural anthropology, Sub-Saharan African cinema, contemporary art, and ecology. She is the author of Symbioses d’une mémoireManifestations religieuses et littératures de la Caraïbe (2006). She is currently working on her second book, entitled Unveiling the Camouflage: Suzanne Césaire’s Caribbean Ecopoetics. It analyzes the seminal work of Martinican writer Suzanne Césaire, co-founder of the literary journal Tropiques with her husband, the world-acclaimed poet and politician Aimé Césaire.

Rhetoric and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies | University of Iowa

Pat Dolan earned a PhD in English Renaissance Literature from the University of Iowa in 1994. He teaches a full range of courses in the Rhetoric Department. Pat's teaching interests include writing, early modern literature, wilderness literature, narrative, hospice, and death and dying. His research interests include Thomas More, early modern literature, literary representations of coercion, and literary representations of pain, disease, and death. He is also interested in medical and social work research on narrative, hospice, death and dying, and chronic/terminal illness.

English | University of Iowa

Eric Gidal's teaching and scholarship stem from his interest in British and European romanticism as a mode of artistic expression rooted in the intellectual, technological, and cultural developments of the eighteenth century. He teaches courses in eighteenth-century and early nineteenth-century literature, poetic form, and aesthetic theory. His scholarship explores the relationship between literature and the visual arts, the emergence of the aesthetic as a secular category of ethical experience and communal identity, the affective dimension of national ideologies and the public sphere, and the implications of current environmental concerns for understanding literary celebrations of autonomy and civil society. Dr. Gidal is also Editor of the University of Iowa's Philological Quarterly....

Rhetoric | University of Iowa

Naomi Greyser is an assistant professor of Rhetoric and English. Her research and teaching interests include nineteenth-century U.S. literature; affect studies; critical race, gender, and sexuality studies; the theory and practice of the rhetorical arts; and American studies. Greyser teaches courses in the Departments of English and Rhetoric, as well as in Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies. Her first book, On Sympathetic Grounds: Race, Gender and Affective Geographies in Nineteenth-Century North America, argues that sentimentalism encouraged expressions of sympathy that cleave subjects, from a distance, to and from people they would never meet....

English | University of Iowa

Michael Hill's research focuses on post-Harlem Renaissance African American literature. As a 2014 Fall Obermann Fellow-in-Residence, Prof. Hill worked on his book project, Kinky Bourgeois: Sexual Initiation and Democratic Potential in Black Civil Rights Novels. Specifically, he worked on two chapters of a book—A Little Child Shall Lead Them: Adolescence in African American Novels, 1941–2008—that studies adolescent characters in African American novels. Focusing on the period from World War II to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., these chapters consider how black writers use sex to probe competing outlooks on race and democracy.

Computer Science | University of Iowa

Juan Pablo Hourcade is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and a member of the DeLTA Center. His main area of research is human-computer interaction, with a focus on the design, implementation, and evaluation of technologies that support creativity, collaboration, and information access for a variety of users, including children and older adults. He is also on the editorial board of Interacting with Computers and Foundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction. He is editor of the Universal Interactions forum for Interactions magazine. He co-organized a workshop titled HCI for Peace: Preventing, De-escalating, and Recovering from Conflict at the CHI 2012 conference. He also co-organized a workshop titled Interactive Technologies for Children with Special Needs at the IDC 2012 conference....

Theatre Arts | University of Iowa

Kim Marra is a theater historian whose books include Strange Duets: Impresarios and Actresses in American Theatre, 1865–1914 (University of Iowa Press, 2006, winner of Joe A. Callaway Prize) and three co-edited volumes from the University of Michigan Press: Passing Performances: Queer Readings of Leading Players in American Theater History (1998), its sequel Staging Desire (2002), and The Gay and Lesbian Theatrical Legacy: A Biographical Dictionary of Major Figures in American Stage History in the Pre-Stonewall Era (2005)....

Biology | University of Iowa

Maurine Neiman is an associate professor in the Biology Department. She received her PhD from Indiana University in 2004. Her research focuses on sexual reproduction.

Cinema Arts and Comparative Literature | University of Iowa

Kathleen Newman is a Latin Americanist whose research focuses on theoretical questions regarding the relation between fictional narrative and politics. Her teaching includes transnational film theory as well as courses on Latin American, Spanish, and Chicano cinemas. Her current research project examines the relation between silent film, early feminist movements, and democratization in Argentina in the period 1910–1935, with close attention paid to the constitution of a transnational cultural imaginary through both national cinema and imported fiction feature films.

History | University of Iowa

Tyler Priest came to the University of Iowa in 2012 after eight years as Director of Global Studies at the C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston. His primary interests are in the fields of energy, environmental, global, business, and public history. He has a joint appointment in the Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, where he teaches a course on U.S. energy policy and assists in overseeing the Environmental Policy and Planning program. His most recent book, The Offshore Imperative: Shell Oil’s Search for Petroleum in the Postwar United States (Texas A&M, 2007), analyzes Shell Oil Company’s drive to find and develop petroleum reserves in ever-deeper ocean waters. In 2008, The Offshore Imperative won the Geosciences in the Media Award from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists....

History | University of Iowa

Jacki Thompson Rand is an associate professor in the History Department and co-directs the American Indian and Native Studies Programs. Her courses focus on federal Indian law and policy, museums and memory, and public history. Her current research focuses on violence against Native women in the context of a southeastern American Indian community. 

Anthropology | University of Iowa
Emily's research interests include medical anthropology, gender studies, anthropology of science and technology, aging, chronic illness, sexual health, sexuality, masculinity, and Mexico.
American Studies | University of Iowa

Deborah Whaley’s teaching and research fields include the institutional history, theory, and methods of American studies, 19th- and 20th-century American cultural history, comparative ethnic studies, black cultural studies, popular culture, the visual and expressive arts, feminist and gender studies, and critical theory.