Anita Jung

Art & Art History
University of Iowa

Anita Jung is Professor of Intaglio and Print Media in the School of Art & Art History. While getting her MFA from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, she worked as a fine art printer at Off Jones Road and Tandem Press. Jung’s interdisciplinary collaborative work began as investigations regarding violence toward women. She created several major pieces and events at such venues as SPACES in Cleveland, Ohio, and The Peace Museum in Chicago. She is an artist whose work is grounded in traditions of the readymade, appropriation and art as an everyday occurrence. Anita investigates the act of making and the residue that is left behind. Issues concerning making and waste, and relationships between technology, machine, and the human hand inform her work. She is a trained Rape Crisis Counselor and Domestic Violence Advocate. Through these experiences, Jung’s work transitioned to focus upon creative actions intended to build stronger communities. She directs the Obermann Center ArtCart Working Group, which strives to create a fellowship program that seeks out Iowa artists to preserve their work for future generations.