Blaine Greteman

University of Iowa

Blaine Greteman earned his MA in Renaissance literature at Oxford University, which he attended on a Rhodes Scholarship, and his PhD from the University of California–Berkeley. For three years he was a staff writer for TIME Magazine in London, and he continues to write for popular magazines like TIME and The New Republic, as well as scholarly publications, including English Literary History and Renaissance Quarterly. His book, The Poetics and Politics of Youth in Milton's England, was published in April 2013 by Cambridge University Press. Greteman is currently at work on a new book, Networking English Print, which draws from his existing digital humanities project, Shakeosphere: Mapping Early Modern Social Networks. After mining the publication history of nearly every book printed in English before 1800, Greteman and his collaborators mapped the connections between printers, authors, publishers, and booksellers. By pairing the methods of network analysis with newly available digital archives, Greteman's book aims to change the way we talk about authorship, publication, and print, highlighting the hidden histories and lost figures behind the early modern communications revolution.