Bruce Sterling

Visionary in Residence
Art College Center of Design


Bruce Sterling, like many "futurists," has a discipline-defying career as an artist, writer, Net theorist, technologist, and cultural commentator. In the 1980s he produced a fanzine series, Cheap Truth ( His novel The Difference Engine (1990), co-authored with William Gibson, helped launch the steam punk movement. He is the author of essays, short stories, and novels, many of them award-winning, including Schismatrix (1985), Islands in the Net (1989), Heavy Weather (1994), Holy Fire (1996)Distraction (1998)Zeitgist (2000), The Zenith Angle (2004), Kiosk (2007), The Caryatids (2009), and most recently Love Is Strange: A Paranormal Romance (2012), about "futurists in love."His non-fiction books include Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next Fifty Years (2002) and Shaping Things (2005). Sterling’s lively blog, Beyond the Beyond, is published by Wired Magazine. Sterling is the founder and co-editor of Veridian Design Movement, an environmental aesthetic movement founded on the ideas of global citizenship. He is also "visionary in residence" at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles and Professor of Internet Studies and science fiction at the European Graduate School in Switzerland.