Carolyn Copps Hartley

Carolyn C. Hartley
Social Work
University of Iowa

Carolyn Copps Hartley is an associate professor of Social Work at the University of Iowa. Her research focuses on legal system responses to violence against women. She uses the lens of therapeutic jurisprudence, which posits that legal rules and procedures, and agents of the legal system (advocates, lawyers, judges, etc.) act as social forces that can produce positive, therapeutic effects, or negative, anti-therapeutic effects for the mental health and psychological well-being of the non-agents (victims, defendants, witnesses) participating in the system. Her research studies, funded by the National Institute of Justice, have examined prosecution and defense strategies in domestic violence-related felony trials, the effectiveness of a specialized domestic violence prosecution program, and the longer-term effects of civil legal services for women who experienced intimate partner violence. Professor Hartley is spending her fellowship at the Obermann Center expanding her legal system focus to examining the adjudication process of sexual misconduct reports on college campuses.