Christine Shea

Department of Spanish and Portuguese
The University of Iowa

Christine Shea is an Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics at The University of Iowa, in the Spanish and Portuguese Department. Shea is also an affiliate member of the FLARE Program (Foreign Language Acquisition Research and Education), the interdisciplinary program at The University of Iowa that sponsors the PhD in Second Language Acquisition. Shea has lived in Latin America and has her M.A. degree in Applied Linguistics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and her PhD is from the University of Calgary in second language acquisition. Her area of research addresses how people learn to perceive and produce language, particularly under conditions of early bilingualism or second language acquisition and lies at the intersection of language experience, language use and language processing. Shea teaches classes on Spanish linguistics, phonology, language acquisition and bilingualism at the undergraduate and graduate level, in both Spanish and English. Current research projects include bilingual development in dual immersion programs and Spanish heritage speaker word recognition and phonology in English and Spanish.