Corinne Teed

Art & Art History
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, UI

Corinne Teed is a 2nd year MA/MFA candidate in the Printmaking Department. She received her BA with Honors in Development Studies from Brown University with additional coursework at Universidad de Chile in Santiago, Chile and Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR. Corinne spent the decade prior to graduate school doing community-based work around fair labor practices, immigration rights, anti-gentrification campaigns and HIV/AIDS issues. Through her roles as a teacher, facilitator, translator, community organizer and social worker she learned invaluable skills for incorporating community input into projects. Corinne is currently developing participatory and collaborative practices to integrate perspectives of a greater queer community into her artwork. This work encourages participants to reflect on their relationship to the animal world amidst ecological crisis, and on aspects of contemporary queer identity and relationality. At the Institute, Corinne will further develop two projects, Habitats are Limited and Animal Chatz, focusing on engaging audiences in her research concerns through participatory installations and performance.