Daniel McGehee

Public Policy Center
University of Iowa

Dan McGehee has been obsessed with car crashes for over 20 years. He is interested in every aspect of them - from how, when and why they occur, to technologies for avoiding them altogether.  He and his colleagues are understanding ways of protecting drivers and passengers involved in crashes, and even how to communicate the probable type and severity of injuries from a crash site directly. This allows trauma personnel to plan and prepare before the ambulance arrives. His expertise utilizes naturalistic driving research methods where he and his team conducted the first ever naturalistic driving study on teen driver behavior using black box recorders with video.

His driver performance, distraction, and technology development projects have led to innovative, interdisciplinary collaborations involving engineering, medicine, and public health. Results from his research have helped policy makers to improve government safety standards, as well as state and federal laws.

 Dr. McGehee is the Director of the Human Factors and Vehicle Safety Research Division at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center.  He holds adjunct appointments in three departments: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Occupational & Environmental Health, and Emergency Medicine.