Eric Zimmer

University of Iowa

Eric Zimmer is a Ph.D. student in History. He earned his B.S./Hon. in History and Political Science from Black Hills State University in western South Dakota. After completing his degrees, he spent a year working as a journalist, researcher, and public historian. He also spent six months working under the tribal liaison in the Office of U.S. Senator Tim Johnson (SD). Eric's historical interests focus on the twentieth century United States, especially relating to Native Americans, politics, and federal Indian policy. His current research concerns the adoption of the Indian Reorganization Act by the Meskwaki Tribe near Tama, Iowa, in the 1930s. His project regards the local impact of the IRA and the process by which the Meskwaki constructed, adopted, and implemented their tribal constitution in 1937. Eric hopes to turn the findings from his Meskwaki research into a useful tool as the tribe explores new ways to improve their government.