Janice Byrd

Counselor Education
College of Education, UI

Janice Byrd is a doctoral student in the Counselor Education & Supervision program within the College of Education at the University of Iowa. She has previous experience as a high school English teacher, school counselor, and volunteering for youth service organizations.  Her research interests include investigating the role of school counselors in promoting social justice, leadership, and multicultural competency.  Janice specifically focuses on promoting advocacy with respect to culturally competent and efficacious school counseling services for marginalized students. Her project is to create culturally relevant curriculum for school counselors working with African American female adolescents.  Janice hopes this curriculum will provide a connection between culture, home, and school to promote positive personal/social development and academic achievement.  She is also conducting research investigating practicing school counselors’ daily involvement in advocacy and leadership activities to identify ways collegiate student organizations may intentionally program to better prepare future counselors to become social justice advocates.