Jessica Pleyel

Jessica Pleyel
University of Iowa
Art & Art History

Jessica Pleyel is an MFA candidate in the UI's Intermedia Art Department and a conceptual artist and curator. Her studio practice is multi-faceted, and includes sculpture, costume design, performance, social practice, video, and playwriting. She explores familial relations, intersectional feminism, gender activism, and the performative nature of hunting in her art. She is currently working on an exhibit entitled We Are Survivors in which she collaborates with other artists who create work as a means to raise awareness, educate, and heal from sexual assault. She has exhibited internationally and is the recipient of the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, the Virgil M. Beall Scholarship, and the Ana Mendieta Memorial Scholarship. 

Participates in: 2015 Graduate Institute
Participates in: 2016 Graduate Institute