Jessica Welburn

University of Iowa
Sociology and African American Studies

Jessica Welburn is an assistant professor of Sociology and African American Studies. Her research interests include race and ethnicity, urban inequality, and the experiences of African Americans in the post-Civil Rights Era. She is completing a book (co-authored with Michéle Lamont, Graziella Silva, Josh Guetzkow, Nissim Mizrachi, Hannah Herzog, and Elisa Reis) titled Getting Respect, which is forthcoming on Princeton University Press. The book compares how members of stigmatized groups in the U.S., Brazil, and Israel combat discrimination. She is also working on a book tentatively titled Keep on Pushin' that explores how African Americans in Detroit are responding to the city’s economic decline and bankruptcy. As a part of her Detroit research, she is working with Yvonne Shirley, a New York City–based filmmaker, on a short documentary exploring the experiences of some of her research respondents in Detroit. In addition to her academic work, Jessica is a committed social justice advocate and enjoys writing about racial inequality in the Iowa City community as a member of the Gazette writer’s circle.

Participates in: Op Ed Project workshop