John Engelbrecht

Public Space One
Iowa City, Iowa

John Engelbrecht is Director of Public Space ONE (PS1), a community arts venue in Iowa City. Since receiving his MFA from the University of Iowa in 2009, he has continued to be engaged in the Iowa City arts community creating, managing, and sustaining many socially-engaged art programs such as Free @rt School, Iowa City Community Supported Art, The Seagull Society, SOUP, ps·z & the Zenzic Press, and the Works-in-Progress festival. Over 60 local, national, and international exhibitions have happened in his tenure at PS1 along with a nearly daily program of performances, dialoguess, workshops, residencies and other ongoing events.

He is a member of the Exubernauts, the organizing body for Exuberant Politics, a year long celebration of art activism in 2013-14. He is also a member of the James Gang, the City of Iowa City Public Art Advisory Committee, Program Director for the ICDD Community Gallery Program, and one voice among many with The Dirty Hands Will-Be Marching Band.