John Warne Monroe

Department of History
Iowa State University

John Warne Monroe has been teaching at Iowa State University since 2002, where he is an associate professor of History.  He has an A.B. in History and Creative Writing from Princeton, and a PhD. in History from Yale.  His research focuses on the concept of “modernity” and the various ways in which it shaped French – and more broadly, Western – people’s conceptions of themselves, their past, and their places in the world in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  He is author of Laboratories of Faith: Mesmerism, Spiritism and Occultism in Modern France (2008), and is currently at work on a book about France, its colonial empire, African sculpture, and the invention of the idea of “primitive art” in the years after the First World War.  A recent article he published on this new topic received the 2013 William Koren Jr. Prize from the Society for French Historical Studies.  Prof. Monroe is also a noted teacher: he has received several university awards in recognition of his performance in the classroom, and in 2012, the Princeton Review named him one of the country’s 300 Best Professors.