Johna Leddy

University of Iowa

Johna Leddy is Associate Professor of Chemistry. Her general research area is electrochemistry, with more specific interests in electrocatalysis and electrochemical power sources. Introduction of micromagnets to electrode surfaces increases rates of electron transfers, which is of fundamental and practical interest. The Leddy group holds numerous patents on magnetoelectrocatalysis to improve performance of batteries, fuel cells, photoelectrochemical hydrogen generators, and dye-sensitized solar cells. Other efforts include catalyzing rates of electron transfer at electrodes with ultrasound. In this recent effort, significant increases in rates are observed for commonly slow electrochemical rates. This work is supported by the National Science Foundation. During her term as an Obermann Fellow, Leddy will focus on writing papers and proposals related to her work on magnetoelectrocatalysis and sonoelectrocatalysis. She will also work on models for magnetic and sonic effects on electrocatalysis