Josh Miner

The University of Iowa

Joshua D. Miner comes to Iowa City from Red River prairie country, and is now a third-year doctoral candidate in English–Literary Studies as well as in American Indian and Native Studies.  He received his BA in Creative Writing and his MA in Literature and Linguistics from the University of North Texas.  At the University of Iowa, he has focused his critical and literary work on the way regional and global indigenous experience is figured in contemporary American literatures and other arts.  His interest in indigenous aesthetics, geographies and health/healing paradigms has led him to consider public art moments as gathering places shaped by aesthetic principles that have the power to improve human ecophysiology.  Recently, Joshua has taught undergraduate literary interpretation courses on American transnationalisms, migrations/removals, and Native art celebrity.  His pedagogical ethic is deeply rooted in Cherokee/Kituwa community action and health concepts; these will help shape the project he develops through the Institute.