Kelsey Kramer McGinnis

Headshot of Kelsey Kramer McGinnis
School of Music; UI Center for Human Rights
University of Iowa

Kelsey Kramer McGinnis is a PhD candidate in musicology and a staff member at the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights. Her current research in the field of musicology focuses on documenting the musical lives of German POWs in America during WWII and the American military’s attempts to “reeducate” them using music, film, and literature.  She also conducts research on the work of musicians in the global effort to address climate change. Her work incorporates archival research, local historiography, and ethnography.

Kelsey has taught and assisted with a variety of courses, including music history, world music, Latin American and Caribbean music, and a first-year seminar called “Music and Human Rights.” She also advises all undergraduates in the certificate program in human rights.