Lane Hall

Department of English

Lane Hall is a multi-media artist, writer and professor in the Department of English at UW-Milwaukee. He has been active in the recent labor struggles in Wisconsin, and has written extensively about pragmatic activism. He was a founding member of the Playground Legends PAC which focussed on voter enfranchisement in some of Milwaukee's African American neighborhoods, and has more recently co-founded the Overpass Light Brigade (OLB) which is a direct action group aimed at DIY political messaging, visibility, and the creation of community through the power of play. His art installations have been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, The Milwaukee Art Museum, the California Academy of Sciences, the Shanghai World Expo, the Field Museum, The Science Gallery in Dublin,  and - most recently - Eyebeam in NYC, and OLB images and videos have been widely, and at times, virally, disseminated throughout the web.