Lenore Maybaum

Language, Literacy, & Culture
The University of Iowa

Lenore D. Maybaum is a Ph.D. candidate in the Language, Literacy, & Culture program where she has taught classes in Rhetoric, Language and Literacy, and Approaches to Teaching Writing. She is currently writing her dissertation on critical literacy and ethnography in the composition classroom. Her dissertation research is grounded in her experiences in the classroom with adult learners at Kirkwood Community College, where she has taught since 2005, most recently as a full-time faculty member of the English department. Through participation in the Graduate Institute, Lenore's aim is to give substance to a concept for a literacy project with local G.E.D. students drawing on their literacy histories as the generative grounds from which “language experience stories” (orally dictated stories that are transcribed for basic readers/writers) will be created and eventually shared with the larger college community in a public reading. Her areas of interest include critical pedagogy, autoethnography as research method, and poststructural theories of identity.