Lisa Johnson

Art and Art History
The University of Iowa

Lisa Johnson is an MFA candidate in Sculpture. She received BA degrees in Theatre and English from Virginia Tech.  Lisa develops sculptures, installations, and community performance pieces that are informed by collaborative storytelling and theatrical space. She is interested in the ways that different communities tell their stories, and the impact that vocalization has on communities whose stories have been previously untold. In 2010, Lisa founded The Eva Luna Project, a collaborative arts ensemble of incarcerated women and community partners, which creates new works of theatre that connect inmates’ personal histories with literary mythology.  Lisa was the recipient of a 2011 Stanley Award, which allowed her to travel to Prague, Czech Republic, where she investigated how international artists work with marginalized communities. Her research looks to understand the measurable ways that collaborative projects affect communities as a whole. Lisa’s long-term plans include multi-national study of these issues, the formation of a large-scale arts ensemble linking Midwest prisons and their surrounding communities, and the development of open, community dialogue on the issues of voice and marginalization.