Loyce Arthur

Headshot of Loyce Arthur
Theatre Arts
University of Iowa

Loyce Arthur is an associate professor in the Department of Theatre Arts. She has designed costumes for numerous productions and enjoys the process of telling stories about people from a variety of world cultures. She coordinates an annual Iowa City Carnival community arts project, transforming Iowans into works of art, and is developing a performance piece to expand the project to other communities. She is fascinated by the role masquerade plays in multiple cultures, whether it involves actual or psychological masks. From 2006 to 2015, she spent time as a guest artist at Mahogany Mas Camp in the UK working with award-winning Carnival designer Clary Salandy, one of the few women in the world that does this work. She has presented her work on Carnival as a community engagement art form in Santiago de Cuba, the UK, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, the Netherlands, Trinidad, Cartagena, and around the U.S.