Margaret Zimmerman

color headshot of Margaret Zimmerman
School of Library & Information Science
University of Iowa

Margaret Zimmerman is Assistant Professor in the UI School of Library & Information Science.

She completed a doctorate in Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina. She also has a Master’s in Information Systems and a MLIS with a concentration in digital libraries, both from Drexel University. Her research areas of interest focus on the health-seeking behaviors and patterns of women of disadvantaged populations. Professor Zimmerman studies the impact that information access, information literacy, and reading and literacy has had in affecting the health and well-being of the women she studies. In addition, Zimmerman has a background in school libraries and is interested in examining the potential of school media specialists in promoting health literacy to at-risk girls. Zimmerman’s recent research includes an exploration of the relationships between vetted assessments of information literacy, health literacy, and information horizons mapping, data visualization of the results of a bibliometric examination of the intersection between scholarship on information literacy and social justice, and continued work to improve the health literacy of refugee and immigrant women.