Mark Sulzer

Language, Literacy, and Culture
College of Education, UI

Mark Sulzer is a Ph.D. candidate in the Language, Literacy, and Cultural program in the College of Education. He is a former high school English teacher and drumline instructor. Currently, he teaches two courses in the College of Education, "Reading and Teaching Adolescent Literature" and "Language & Learning."  Mark’s research aligns with Critical Youth Studies (CYS), a field that critiques dominantly held views of youth, views that constrain youth as merely “future adults” needing the skills to enter the “real world.”  From a CYS perspective, Mark has critiqued the didactic messages in adolescent literature by comparing a memoir that was originally written for an adult market and then repackaged for a youth market.  His current research project examines the ways in which dominant views of youth articulate themselves in preservice teachers’ discussions of literature and pedagogy.  In this research, Mark hopes to disrupt dominantly held views of youth and invite preservice teachers to envision their students as authentic participants in our current culture.