Mary Wise

University of Iowa

Mary Wise received a B.A. in History from Ohio University in June 2012. In September 2012, Mary moved to Madison, Wisconsin, to study with the Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums Project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Library and Information. She completed her M.A. in Library and Information Studies in May 2014. Realizing that a firm grounding in humanistic training was an imperative for her to acquire in order to truly ground her work on the history of public parks in the Midwest, Mary sought out humanities programs that offered training in the public humanities; she applied to the University of Iowa because of the plethora of opportunities in the public humanities provided by the Obermann Center and the Obermann Center Working Group History Corps. Mary became a member of History Corps in fall 2014. Since then, she has completed several projects that examine Iowa’s complex history through History Corps. Through History Corps, she is currently working on a large tribal digital project with the Ioway and Meskwaki. The work she has completed exemplifies her core values as a scholar: collaboration, promotion of the digital humanities, intersectionality, and the dissemination of knowledge in a variety of formats.