Mohammad Chaichian

Mount Mercy University

Mohammad A. Chaichian is Professor of Sociology and coordinator of Sociology and International Studies programs at Mount Mercy University. He was the recipient of the Feld Chair Award for Excellence in Teaching and Community Service (2008-2010). He has published numerous articles on contemporary Iran, China, immigration issues, race relations, and urban political economy; and has authored two books, White Racism on the Western Urban Frontier: Dynamics of Race and Class in Dubuque, Iowa (2006, Africa World Press); and Town and Country in the Middle East: Iran and Egypt in the Transition to Globalization (2008, Lexington Books). Currently, he is working on his third book Empire and the Wall that focuses on the significance of building walls to either avert racial-ethnic or gender-based conflicts, or subjugate and control the colonized populations during various historical phases of globalization.