Nkechi Onwuameze

Education Policy
The University of Iowa

Nkechi Onwuameze is a fourth year PhD candidate in the School, Culture and Society program at the College of Education. Originally from Nigeria, she has a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Iowa. Her academic interests includes the study of risk factors associated with educational inequality and social disadvantage. As a research assistant in the College of Education she has worked on inequality of opportunity in Brazil, focusing on race, social background, region of birth, and place of residence. While taking classes and conducting research on race, class, and gender issues, Nkechi became deeply interested in the academic achievement gap between White and Black students. Given her interests in the post-colonial history of access to higher education for women, especially African American women, Nkechi plans to implement a project that can link the University of Iowa and the community with academically at-risk high school students. The project will be mentorship based, where high school students can be exposed to the “professional world of success” and acquire the skills to be self-confident and self-motivated individuals. Her hope is that the university/community collaboration will serve as the platform for achievement and success for these students.