Noaquia Callahan

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, UI

Noaquia Callahan is a PhD candidate in the Department of History at the University of Iowa. She studied sociology and German at California State University of Long Beach and the University of Munich. Her research interests include African American and modern European history, women’s history, transnational feminist organizing, and race and empire. Her dissertation, “A Peculiar Exceptionalism: Mary Church Terrell and African American Feminist Transnational Activism, 1888 – 1935,” analyzes the ways African American women used international women’s organizations to challenge racism, sexism, and imperial feminism.  The dissertation argues that the “triple-burden” of race, gender, and second-class citizenship that embodied the black woman’s American experience was turned on its head in the international sphere. Noaquia aims to show that African American feminist internationalists held a distinctive privilege abroad due to their race, gender, and citizenship.  She hopes that exploring African American history in a transnational setting, the dissertation opens up the little-known world of African American internationalist feminists in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Noaquia’s interests in international research stems from her study abroad experiences in high school and as an undergraduate. She will be partnering with UI’s International Classroom Journey (ICJ) – a program that matches local K-12 classes with UI international students and / or community volunteers who have studied abroad. She is excited to work with ICJ bring our diverse world into Iowa City classrooms. Noaquia is particularly interested in finding ways to encourage students of color to travel abroad, and bring awareness to the resources that can make it possible.