Paul Dilley

Religious Studies and Classics
University of Iowa

Dr. Dilley joined the University of Iowa in 2011. He has a joint appointment in Religious Studies and Classics and is a member of the Public Humanities in a Digital World initiative. Dr. Dilley conducts research in the religions of the Mediterranean world and Iran, from the Hellenistic period to early Islam. He is especially interested in the development of Judaism and Christianity within the various cultures of the Graeco-Roman world, including Egypt and Syria; and the classical tradition in these diverse environments.  His book manuscript, "Care of the Other in Ancient Monasticism: A Cultural History of Ascetic Guidance," traces the emergence of new techniques of psychagogy, or "care for souls," and corresponding notions of the self and society, in the Christian ascetic movements of Late Antiquity.  A second book project, "Don't Laugh at Another’s Fall: Towards a Corpus and Theory of Ascetic Poetics," examines early Christian stories about transvestite saints in the context of Graeco-Roman theater.