Rebekah Kowal

Headshot of Rebekah Kowal
University of Iowa

Dr. Kowal teaches dance history and theory. Her research explores how moving bodies are compelling agents of social, cultural, and political change. A dancer and scholar, Kowal seeks to forge interdisciplinary connections between dance theory and practice. After completing a BA in English, she danced in New York City with Heidi Henderson, Molly Rabinowitz, Bryan Hayes, and Pat Cremmins. She holds a CMA from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute and a PhD in American Studies from NYU. Her book, How to Do Things with Dance: Performing Change in Postwar America, was released by Wesleyan UP in 2010. She is co-editor with Randy Martin and Gerald Siegmund of the Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics, and serves on the Advisory Board of the Society of Dance History Scholars. Her current book project examines the impact of postwar world dance performance on the formation of American concert dance forms and in the context of U.S. foreign relations, immigration, and trade policies.