Rossina Liu

Rossina Zamora Liu has a MFA from the Nonfiction Writing Program at The University of Iowa and is recently a doctoral candidate in the Language, Literacy, and Culture Program, also at Iowa. Her research and writing interests focus on folk and community literacy, storytelling performance and drafting processes of adult learners, and Asian American folk rituals and practices.  She is the facilitator of the Community Stories Writing Workshop at Shelter House in Iowa City, a writing group she founded in fall 2010 for local writers and artists. Her most recent article, “The Things They Carried”: Unpacking Trauma Scripts inside a Community Writing Workshop, focuses on the meaning-making processes of two homeless Veterans and will be published in the Counseling Psychology Quarterly’s Special Issue: “Through a Glass Darkly: Meaning-Making, Spiritual Transformation, and Posttraumatic Growth after Trauma”(forthcoming, 2013). Other recent publications include two scholarly articles (English Journal, 2012 and International Journal of the Humanities, 2012) and a chapter, “Of Flying Brooms and Sorcerers: Spell-castings, Love Potions, and Supernatural Plants” in an anthology on Asian American folklore (forthcoming, 2013).  Rossina is currently drafting her dissertation proposal on the creative storytelling and writing performances of US Veteran writers at the Shelter House.