Sabine Gölz

Headshot of Sabine Golz
University of Iowa

Sabine I. Gölz is Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature. She is the author of The Split Scene of Reading: Nietzsche/ Derrida/ Kafka/Bachmann (Atlantic City: Humanities Press, 1998), as well as numerous articles that have appeared in PMLA, New German Critique, Germanic Review, Substance, Public Culture, Benjamin Studien, and in many edited volumes.

Her teaching and research interests include theories of textuality, gender and figurative language, a poetics of reading, manuscript studies, the relation of photography and textuality, performativity, the construction of "space," and urban semiotics.

She teaches regular courses on literary theory, European literature, and World Literature. Advanced and graduate courses have focused on Fyodor Dostoevsky, Søren Kierkegaard, Franz Kafka, Walter Benjamin, Ingeborg Bachmann, and on topics such as “The Gender of Language” and “Geometries of Literary and Cultural Spaces.”