Sandra Daack-Hirsch

Headshot of Sandra Daack-Hirsch
College of Nursing
University of Iowa

Sandra Daack-Hirsch is an Associate Professor in the College of Nursing. Her BSN, MSN and PhD are from the University of Iowa College of Nursing. Dr. Daack-Hirsch focused her master’s study on genetic counseling and care of children and families. She completed her PhD in the Parent Child & Family Area of study with an emphasis in public health and genetics. Dr. Daack-Hirsch teaches clinical genetics and is a consultant on numerous national projects to promote the education of nurses in genetics.

Dr. Daack-Hirsch joined the faculty in the College of Nursing in the January of 2007 at the rank of Assistant Professor. As a doctoral student, she was awarded an F31 National Service Research Award and was a fellow at NINR’s Summer Genetics Institute. Prior to joining the College of Nursing as a faculty member, Dr. Daack-Hirsch had worked for more than 15 years as a genetic nurse specialist and counselor. In addition, she was a member of a large, interdisciplinary research group on genetic determinants of orofacial clefting.

From this foundation, Dr. Daack-Hirsch has built a research program that bridges basic genetic science with real-world application by providers, educators, and families/parents. Her program of research is patient centered—with an emphasis on public engagement on issues related to the management of genetic/genomic health care information. Dr. Daack-Hirsch is currently the principal investigator on a funded project from the NIH entitled “Personal Perspective and Provider Communication of Genomic Risk for T2DM.” She is also leading a team of researchers to investigate the use of Prenatal Screening among clinicians and women in Iowa.