Tala Al-Rousan

College of Public Health, UI

As a kid, Tala grew up in a family thriving for education. She was granted a scholarship to study medicine at Cairo University for outstanding academic performance in Jordan. As a medical student, she traveled with “Doctors Without Borders” to places like Yemen participating in free clinics and combating chewing “Khat.”  During her travels, she found joy doing public health work such as raising awareness about female genital mutilation in Egypt and organizing charity events benefiting HIV/AIDS patients. She was also a member of youth organizations that target issues such as democracy teaching and conflict resolution in the Middle East. Tala spent a year in Jordan doing internal medicine residency, which is when she realized that there is a global need for prevention that transcends the perspectives and concerns of individual nations.  She moved to the United States two years ago to explore the field of public health as a profession. As Master’s student at the University of Iowa College of Public Health in Epidemiology, she has found passion in epidemiology of aging and global health. She believes that our aging society demands a lot of efforts to improve the quality of life, and come up with innovative solutions to deal with late-life trajectories. Tala also enjoys reading, yoga, and cooking.