Tejasi Avasare

I am a Master’s student at Graduate College specializing in Dental Public Health. I am a dentist by profession and have received bachelors in dental surgery (B.D.S.) from India in 2008.   After completion of dental degree, I was into clinical practice in my hometown, Mumbai, India, till 2011. I was associated with a local non-governmental organization working with economically underserved population in the metropolitan city of Mumbai. Besides I also had some involvement with various governmental and non-governmental projects working on different pockets of population in and around Mumbai. It’s during those three years; I got the gist of Public Health and Community partnerships and engagements. During my further exploration on advanced education in the field, I came across University of Iowa’s Dental Public Health program as one of the leading programs in USA, and in due course I proved to be fortunate enough to be a part of it. I joined University of Iowa in Summer 2011, and since then I am taking majority of my classes in College of Dentistry with a few in College of Public Health. After getting climatically and socially acclimatized to Iowa City and American Healthcare system, I was really impressed with awareness about service disparities among the professionals, and their keen enthusiasm to solve these issues. I could no longer keep myself from participating in the community outreach activities of College of Dentistry and associates; and contribute my share, how much ever tiny it was. I have volunteered in a few local camps and projects, and look forward to a couple more in near future. My research interest is related to caries prevalence in children from low socio-income households.  I am excited to meet other Obermann fellows and share ideas and insights with experts from different fields.