Incarcerated in Iowa conference website

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 (All day)

In August 2017, we sponsored the renewal of the web domain, the URL of the 2014 Incarcerated in Iowa conference. The conference's web presence was integral to its success and continues to be used as a resource for those interested in mass incarceration in Iowa. It has been a useful networking tool for making connections with others in the state working on incarceration and justice issues, and its continuance demonstrates to other activists and scholars that conversations regarding criminal justice are at the fore at our university. Additionally, the site has netted a good number of new visitors who make contact with the scholars and speakers featured there. In sum, the site is a boon to the discussion of prison-related issues on our campus and to the Obermann Center specifically, as an educational paragon focused on fostering interdisciplinarity and collaboration at our institution.