Iowa City Darwin Day Celebration 2019

Friday, February 22, 2019 (All day) to Saturday, February 23, 2019 (All day)

Every year, around the time of Charles Darwin’s birthday on February 12th, Iowa City Darwin Day organizes a series of events to promote scientific literacy and increase public awareness of the contributions of science to society. These events include seminar talks and public lectures by nationally known scientists, an accredited teacher workshop, and an art or poster competition.

The goal of Iowa City Darwin Day is to provide more opportunities for scientists to engage with and explain their work to the public. Johnson County is a particularly appropriate venue for highlighting the contributions of science to society given that it is home to the University of Iowa and to a diverse and lively community of interested non-experts. Attendees typically include teachers, scientists, students, and scientifically curious members of the public. The national prominence of our speakers attracts participants with diverse interests from across the community and throughout the state. 
Speakers will include:

  • Sharon DeWitte, University of South Carolina
  • Jeanne Serb, Iowa State University
  • Nicholas Strausfield, University of Arizona
  • Marc Lipsitch, Harvard University

Most of the speakers will give both a "professional" talk on Friday (Feb. 22) and a public talk on Saturday (Feb. 23). 

Location of events: University of Iowa campus and Filmscene

Free and open to all

Hosted by Iowa City Darwin Day, Inc. with support from the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies