Johnson Society of the Central Region Meeting

Friday, April 12, 2019 - 12:00pm to Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 5:00pm

The Johnson Society of the Central Region meets annually throughout the Upper Midwest to feature the work of established and up-and-coming scholars of eighteenth-century literature and culture. This will be the 61st gathering and will feature 10 speakers on a variety of topics over the course of two days.

Speakers and talks:

  • Bob Markley (U Illinois): "'That full complement of riches': China and the Problem of Political Economy in Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations"
  • Janet Sorensen (UC Berkeley): Title forthcoming
  • Joshua Swidzinski (University of Portland): "Johnson, Sir William Jones, and Comparative Poetics"
  • Anne Vila (U Wisconsin–Madison): "Convulsive Aesthetics in Eighteenth-Century France: From Spasms to the Sublime"
  • Bradford Boyd (Arizona State U): "'Disposed to the mild serene enjoyment of nature': Pastoral Landscape versus Georgic Countryside in Boswell's Hypochondriack"
  • Tili Boon Cuille (Washington U–St. Louis): "Embodied Speech and Historical Faith: The Ossian Controversy in Britain and France"
  • David Alff (U Buffalo): "Savage, Johnson, and All the Public Works"
  • Mark Vareschi (U Wisconsin–Madison): "The Force of (Media) Metaphors"
  • Celia Barnes (Lawrence U): "'Tell me my faults': Alexander Pope, Samuel Johnson, and the Problem of Readerly Criticism"
  • Lucinda Cole (U Illinois): "Witches, Cows, and Johnson's Cosmopolitanism"

Location of events:

April 12: English Philosophy Building, Room 304 (Gerber Lounge).  
April 13: MERGE on the Iowa City Pedestrian Mall

Free and open to all.

Hosted by the Department of English and Philological Quarterly, with support from the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies.