Digital Bridges for Humanistic Inquiry

This program is a collaborative Mellon-funded project between the University of Iowa and Grinnell College to explore teaching, learning, and research in the digital liberal arts. Between 2015 and 2019, the grant will support a variety of activities designed to experiment with a variety of collaborative practices in the humanities. We will soon publish details on a shared Wordpress site and encourage University of Iowa faculty, DH staff, and graduate and undergraduate students to sign up for the Obermann Center newsletter and to connect with us through our Facebook and Twitter accounts for up-to-date details. Funding will be available for the following opportunities. Visit our shared site for the latest updated information:

Summer Institutes

This category is for 10 Grinnell and 10 UI faculty, advanced graduate students, and DH staff members to learn new technologies.

Faculty Fellowships

These fellowships are for Grinnell faculty members working with colleagues at the UI to be in residence at the Obermann Center.

Summer Research Project Grants

Summer grants support collaborative summer research teams of two to four Grinnell/UI faculty. The teams may also include staff members, students, and community partners.

Studio Launch Grants

Studio Launch Grants compensate Studio staff and student assistants with the specific technical expertise needed to build the structure for a project that the faculty (and student) teams develop either while holding Summer Project Grants or as a follow-up once planners are ready to move from concept to practice.


These specialized workshops throughout the year allow faculty and students learn new skills and technologies.

Postdoctoral Scholars

The Digital Bridges grant allows for two-year postdoctoral scholar positions at the UI and two-year postdoctoral scholars at Grinnell.

Course Creation and/or Co-Teaching Experiments

These experiments provide faculty with time and support to develop new digital liberal arts courses or course modules that familiarize undergraduate students with new methods of inquiry and exploration. We are especially interested in courses that bridge the two institutions and courses in which undergraduates engage in collaborative research with faculty, staff, and other students.