Fall 2012 Fellows

Participant , University of Iowa , English
Eric Gidal teaches courses in literature and environmental history, with a historical focus on the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  His last book Ossianic Uncomformities:  Bardic Poetry in the Industrial Age (Virginia UP, 2015), explores a modern quest to locate vestiges of ancient poetry in the landscapes of an industrial world. More recently, he has been exploring distant reading methods in concert with historical GIS (geographic information science) as a means of engaging with the textual archives of the industrial...
Participant , University of Iowa , School of Journalism & Mass Communication
Frank Durham is preparing a book project on the rise and fall of objectivity and professionalism in journalism in the Internet Age. Working from a historical and theoretical context, the study will focus on the strategic co-optation of the mainstream media by Right-wing media activists Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe to mount a campaign of video based attacks on a series of liberal organizations.
Participant , University of Iowa , Music
Katherine Eberle Fink, a mezzo-soprano on the School of Music voice faculty for the past twenty years, will make a concert tour to include MI, MA, IL, MS, and VA and the final creative product will result in a compact disc recording. Her collaborative pianist, UI Professor Ksenia Nosikova, will accompany in performances of music by living American women composers whose songs have not yet been recorded by a mezzo-soprano.
Participant , University of Iowa , Cinema & Comparative Literature
Kyle Stine is a Ph.D. Candidate in Film Studies in the Department of Cinema and Comparative Literature. He currently has a Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship. While at Obermann, he will be working on his dissertation, "Calculative Cinema: Technologies of Speed, Scale, and Explication." In recent years, as digital technologies have swept across the motion picture industry, scholars have seen the need to rethink what cinema is today and in what capacity it can be said to continue.
Participant , University of Iowa , School of Social Work
People with dementia are often left out of activities because of memory problems. Mercedes Bern-Klug will be conducting a pilot study on an intervention designed especially for people with moderate Alzheimer’s disease. It is a group story telling activity. The pilot study will  be collecting data at a local nursing home.
Participant , University of Iowa , Mathematics
Weimin Han is the recipient of a 21012 Simons Fellowship in Mathematics. This fall, he is working on “Mathematical Problems in X-ray Dark-field Tomography,” a project focusing on mathematical analysis and numerical solution of problems arising in x-ray dark-field tomography (XDT) for x-ray imaging through contrast mechanism in terms of scattering.