Fall 2013 Fellows

Participant , Obermann Post-Doctorate Fellow , English
Andrea Charise received her PhD from the Department of English at the University of Toronto where, over the course of her degree, she also participated in the transdisciplinary research program “Health Care, Technologies, and Place.” Her doctoral dissertation (“‘Time’s feeble children’: Old Age and the Nineteenth-Century Longevity Narrative, 1793-1901”) examined how nineteenth-century British novelists sought to represent old age in the wake of acute challenges to traditional models of lifespan and life course narratives.
Participant , Augustana College , Communication Sciences and Disorders
Ann Perreau, an assistant professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Augustana College, studies sound localization abilities in individuals with hearing loss. Currently she is conducting a study on the ability of individuals with mild-moderate hearing loss to use the acoustic cues provided by hearing aids to aid in their front-back localization of sounds. Current hearing aid devices do not often preserve important auditory cues for accurate sound localization. This study is aimed to determine the extent to which these cues may be disrupted.
Headshot of Jacki Rand
Participant , University of Iowa , History
Jacki Thompson Rand is an associate professor in the History Department and co-directs the American Indian and Native Studies Programs. Her courses focus on federal Indian law and policy, museums and memory, and public history. Her current research focuses on violence against Native women in the context of a southeastern American Indian community. 
Participant , University of Iowa , Chemistry
Johna Leddy is Associate Professor of Chemistry. Her general research area is electrochemistry, with more specific interests in electrocatalysis and electrochemical power sources. Introduction of micromagnets to electrode surfaces increases rates of electron transfers, which is of fundamental and practical interest. The Leddy group holds numerous patents on magnetoelectrocatalysis to improve performance of batteries, fuel cells, photoelectrochemical hydrogen generators, and dye-sensitized solar cells.
Participant , University of Iowa , History
At the center of Hoenicke-Moore's research lie two broad themes addressing the cultural underpinnings of international relations and liberal democracy respectively. She is interested in the relationship between the political culture of the United States and its foreign policy, on the one hand, and in European responses to ‘America’ as a democracy and a world power on the other. Her first book, Know Your Enemy: The American Debate on Nazism, 1933-1945 (Cambridge University Press, 2010), explored the political and intellectual context in which American popular and official conceptions...
Participant , University of Iowa , School of Journalism & Mass Communication