Fall 2018 Fellows

Participant , University of Iowa , English
Eric Gidal teaches courses in literature and environmental history, with a historical focus on the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  His last book Ossianic Uncomformities:  Bardic Poetry in the Industrial Age (Virginia UP, 2015), explores a modern quest to locate vestiges of ancient poetry in the landscapes of an industrial world. More recently, he has been exploring distant reading methods in concert with historical GIS (geographic information science) as a means of engaging with the textual archives of the industrial...
Headshot of Mark Berg
Participant , University of Iowa , Sociology
Professor Berg’s primary research and teaching interests include criminology, social psychology, and health. His recent published research examines the dynamics of interpersonal disputes and escalation, the developmental pathways of aggressive behavior, and the life-course determinants of adverse health outcomes. Throughout this research and other work, he has considered the situational, neighborhood ecological and life-course contexts of social behavior and well-being. His work often relies on multilevel and longitudinal quantitative survey data.
Headshot of Nathan Platte
Participant , University of Iowa , School of Music; Cinematic Arts
Nathan Platte’s research and teaching interests include American film music, opera, collaborative creativity, and musical adaptations across media. Platte’s recent publications explore film music of Hollywood’s studio era from a variety of angles, including the collaborative process of film scoring, the intersection of technology and music, the role of studio orchestras, and soundtrack albums. 
Headshot of Roxanna Curto
Participant , University of Iowa , French & Italian
Roxanna Curto is an Associate Professor of French and Spanish. In her research, she explores the representation of cultural elements such as technology and sports in literature from the French- and Spanish-speaking worlds. She is the author of Inter-tech(s): Colonialism and the Question of Technology in Francophone Literature (University of Virginia Press, 2016).
Headshot of Sam Rebelsky
Participant , Grinnell College , Computer Science
Samuel A. Rebelsky is a professor of computer science at Grinnell College. "SamR," as his students call him, has been at Grinnell since 1997. (He therefore considers himself part of the Grinnell class of 2001.) Read more about SamR at his website.  
Participant , Grinnell College , Philosophy
Tammy Nyden is an associate professor of Philosophy at Grinnell College and co-founder and President of Mothers on the Frontline, a non-profit that uses storytelling for caregiver healing and children's mental health advocacy. A current recipient of the Obermann Fellowship in the Digital Liberal Arts and the Grinnell Innovation Grant, she is currently creating a new kind of course and workbook: Digital Storytelling for Social Justice. In preparation for this course, she is creating an archive of first-person digital stories on the School-to-Prison Pipeline.
Headshot of Tom Oates
Participant , University of Iowa , American Studies; School of Journalism & Mass Communication
Tom Oates' research interests are at the intersection of sport, media, and culture. His work, spanning cultural studies, communication, and sport studies focuses on articulations of race, gender, and sexuality in contemporary sport media. His current project explores connections between basketball with racialized and gendered meanings of space. He is the author of Football and Manliness and the co-editor of The NFL: Critical and Cultural Perspectives, and Playing to Win: Sports, Video Games, and the Culture of Play.