Fall 2019 Fellows

Catherine Stewart
Participant , Cornell College , History
The recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Fellowship, Stewart is working on a project titled “The New Maid: African American Women and Domestic Service During the New Deal," which provides a much needed social and cultural history of African American women who labored as household workers during the New Deal.
color headshot of Chloe Angyal
Participant , University of Iowa , Obermann Center for Advanced Studies
Chloe Angyal, PhD, is a journalist from Sydney, Australia who currently serves as Facilitator and Senior Fellowship Leader at The OpEd Project. The OpEd Project is a social venture founded to increase the range of voices and quality of ideas we hear in the world. Its goal is to increase the number of underrepresented voices contributing to key commentary forums—which feed all other media, and drive thought leadership across all industries. 
Participant , University of Iowa , Neuroscience
Jean Gordon teaches in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Her research focuses on spoken language production and how it changes with normal aging or with the onset of neurogenic language disorders such as aphasia. As a psycholinguist, she is interested in the mechanisms by which words are organized and produced in the normal brain, as well as the mechanisms of age-related change.
Participant , University of Iowa , Chemistry
Johna Leddy is Associate Professor of Chemistry. Her general research area is electrochemistry, with more specific interests in electrocatalysis and electrochemical power sources. Introduction of micromagnets to electrode surfaces increases rates of electron transfers, which is of fundamental and practical interest. The Leddy group holds numerous patents on magnetoelectrocatalysis to improve performance of batteries, fuel cells, photoelectrochemical hydrogen generators, and dye-sensitized solar cells.
color headshot of Kendra Strand
Participant , University of Iowa , Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures
Dr. Strand specializes in premodern Japanese literature and visual culture, with expertise in travel writing, poetry, calligraphy, and landscape painting. Her research is founded in examining the historical contexts in which works of literature and art were created. Her research interests extend to issues of canon and interpretation in literature and art, as well as the ways in which historical themes surface in contemporary popular culture.
color headshot of Michael Mackey
Participant , University of Iowa , Biomedical Engineering and Radiology
Michael Mackey is an associate professor in the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Radiology.  For the past several years, he has been developing a framework for mathematical modeling of biochemical reaction networks. During his Obermann residency, he will be developing a textbook titled Modeling Biochemical Reaction Networks, which will be used as an advanced undergraduate/graduate-level text in the Biomedical Engineering course Systems Biology for Biomedical Engineers to be taught in Spring 2020.