Spring 2013 Fellows

Obermann Center Fellows-in-Residence fully devote themselves to independent research projects within an interdisciplinary community. The program supports seven fellows each semester, including artists, scholars, and researchers during periods when focus and feedback are crucial.

Participant , University of Iowa , Cinema & Comparative Literature
Kyle Stine is a Ph.D. Candidate in Film Studies in the Department of Cinema and Comparative Literature. He currently has a Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship. While at Obermann, he will be working on his dissertation, "Calculative Cinema: Technologies of Speed, Scale, and Explication." In recent years, as digital technologies have swept across the motion picture industry, scholars have seen the need to rethink what cinema is today and in what capacity it can be said to continue.
Participant , The University of Iowa , Spanish & Portuguese
Luis Martín-Estudillo is researching the responses that Spanish artists and intellectuals have offered in the last few decades to the challenge posed by the political, cultural, and economic integration of Europe and its prevailing ideals. His book in progress, tentatively entitled Europe Undreamt, exposes the contradictions present between the benevolent, alterity-friendly official discourse of the European Union and its nation members, and their actual policies, which often betray the principles of tolerance and progress they solemnly state.
Participant , The University of Iowa , Mathematics
Palle Jorgensen, born in Denmark, is a professor in Mathematics at the University of Iowa, and has also taught at Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania. His research is partly funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and his publication list includes more than 200 research papers and 8 books in math areas such as pure and applied (operator algebras, and harmonic analysis), and mathematical physics (quantum theory), financial mathematics, stochastic processes, and dynamical systems.
Participant , Grinnell College , Philosophy
Tammy Nyden is an associate professor of Philosophy at Grinnell College and co-founder and President of Mothers on the Frontline, a non-profit that uses storytelling for caregiver healing and children's mental health advocacy. A current recipient of the Obermann Fellowship in the Digital Liberal Arts and the Grinnell Innovation Grant, she is currently creating a new kind of course and workbook: Digital Storytelling for Social Justice. In preparation for this course, she is creating an archive of first-person digital stories on the School-to-Prison Pipeline.
Participant , University of Iowa , Communication Sciences and Disorders
Zebrowski studies the problem of stuttering, from onset through treatment. During her residence at Obermann, she worked on the application of the Transtheoretical Model of behavior change (TTM) to develop relapse prevention strategies for adolescents who stutter. Building upon basic and applied research using the TTM to develop interventions for a wide range of clinical populations, the specific aim of her exploratory project was to develop and validate three new measurement scales for the key constructs of the TTM.
Participant , University of Iowa , Mathematics
Weimin Han is the recipient of a 21012 Simons Fellowship in Mathematics. This fall, he is working on “Mathematical Problems in X-ray Dark-field Tomography,” a project focusing on mathematical analysis and numerical solution of problems arising in x-ray dark-field tomography (XDT) for x-ray imaging through contrast mechanism in terms of scattering.