Flow : Finding (and Keeping!) Joy in Academic Writing & Research

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 12:00pm
Obermann Center Library
111 Church St
Iowa City, IA 52245

Most of us have experienced inspiration and a sense of discovery in our research, moments that remind us, this is why I do it.  Flow, however, can feel all too rare – crowded out by meetings, neverending email, or challenges we face when we sit down to write and think. 


Amidst these intensities, finding (and keeping!) joy in our research might seem like a luxury. Yet in addition to potentially making our days more pleasant, cultivating pleasure in our research can enhance its rigor, inventiveness, impact and reach.


This brownbag workshop lays out evidence-based practices that support faculty in writing and problem-solving with amplified focus, depth and ease. Through an array of interactive prompts, strategies and frameworks, Greyser will guide participants in crafting individualized plans for approaching a current project (at any stage) with a fresh sense of curiosity, intellectual commitment and maybe even (!) joy.


Naomi Greyser is associate professor of American Studies, English and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies here at the University of Iowa. She researches and teaches American literature and culture, critical university studies, rhetoric and affect studies, and is at work on her second book, Writing Through Writer’s Block. This monograph argues that productivity imperatives and increased efficiency culture in the American academy are unintentionally foreclosing knowledge as they augment faculty experiences with writer’s block. In addition to her work at Iowa, Greyser is also head coach at the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, where she has supported over 1500 academics across North America with their writing and research as well as with (that ever elusive) work-life balance.