2019 Graduate Institute

The 2019 Graduate Institute took place January 7–10, 2019, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. 

Headshot of Lisa Covington
Senior Fellow , College of Liberal Arts & Sciences , Sociology
Lisa is an alumna of Clarion University of Pennsylvania, where she studied Social Change, Communications, Women’s Studies, and Sociology. "All the Girls are White, All the Blacks are Male: Qualitative Experiences of Black Girls…" was research she published at San Diego State University. Lisa works throughout the country with youth development programs training teachers and staff best practices for working with young people of color and provides technical support to institutions on issues of diversity, gender equity, and cultural responsiveness.
Alex Lange
Participant , College of Education , Higher Education & Student Affairs
Alex remains committed to a world where everyone gets what they need to thrive. As a second-year Ph.D. student in UI’s Higher Education and Student Affairs program, Alex’s scholarship explores the connections between white supremacy, critical epistemologies, and postsecondary student development.
Andrew Tubbs
Participant , College of Liberal Arts & Sciences , School of Music
Andrew Tubbs is finishing his master's degree in musicology. His research looks at the intersect of Disability Studies and film to understand how disabled characters are represented through film music. He is the artistic director of Combined Efforts Theatre Company in Iowa City. 
Hanna Bonner
Participant , College of Liberal Arts & Sciences , Cinematic Arts
Hannah Bonner is a second year Ph.D. Film Studies student in the Department of Cinematic Arts. In 2017, she earned her MA in Film Studies from the University of Iowa Department of Cinematic Arts. She has a BA in English and Creative Writing from UNC-Chapel Hill and taught 9th grade literature for four years at Asheville School in Asheville, NC. Her writing has been published in VIDA: Women in the Literary Arts, Bustle, The Little Patuxent Review, among others. 
Hossain Mohiuddin
Participant , Graduate College , School of Urban & Regional Planning
 Hossain Mohiuddin is a second-year master’s student in the School of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Iowa. His concentration is in transportation planning. He received his bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. He is also working as a graduate research assistant at the University of Iowa Parking and Transportation. Before starting his master’s degree, he served as a lecturer in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology for two and a half years.
Jeremy Dietmeier
Participant , College of Education , Psychological & Quantitative Foundations
Jeremy Dietmeier is a doctoral student in Educational Psychology and the Learning Sciences in the College of Education. His work focuses on equity and inclusivity in non-traditional learning spaces including fostering girls’ interests in computer science and game design, developing theater opportunities for minority and low-SES students, and fostering a network of queer game designers in the Iowa City area. His current work focuses on promoting STEM engagement across intergenerational groups in the home and the community.
Lance Bennett
Participant , College of Liberal Arts & Sciences , Communication Studies
Lance K. Bennett is a PhD student who studies the communication of emotion in interpersonal interactions. Using quantitative methods (e.g., social network analysis and experimental designs), his research seeks to clarify how strangers and relational partners (e.g., couples, parents and children, etc.) transfer their emotions to others through a process called emotional contagion. Presently, he is working on testing a model of communicative emotional contagion which addresses the role of verbal communication.
Laura Brown
Participant , College of Liberal Arts & Sciences , Philosophy
Laura Brown is a doctoral student in the philosophy department at the University of Iowa. Her research interests include political philosophy, feminist philosophy, and philosophy of law. She is especially interested in the methodologies used by political philosophers and how those can advance or diminish anti-oppression efforts.
Lindsay Jarratt
Participant , College of Education , Educational Policy & Leadership Studies
Lindsay Jarratt is a PhD student in the Schools, Culture, and Society program in the College of Education. After receiving her Bachelors in Elementary Education and Masters in College Student Personnel (both from Bowling Green State University), she worked in student affairs for nearly a decade. Her research interrogates representations of difference and the role educational systems play in the production and maintenance of social dominance and is ultimately interested in the capacities of education to transform systems of oppression.
Melissa Airy
Participant , College of Liberal Arts & Sciences , Intermedia
Airy is an MFA candidate in the Intermedia department at the University of Iowa. She received her BFA in Performance Art and BA in Art Education from the University of Northern Iowa. Melissa’s research is inspired by her various journeys on religious pilgrimage and translating those experiences to a secular world. She strives to use her art to create similar soul-searching experiences that promote conversation, tolerance and community building.
Micaela Terronez
Participant , Graduate College , School of Library & Information Science
Micaela is a second-year master's student in the School of Library and Information Science, as well as the Olson Graduate Research Assistant at the The University of Iowa's Special Collections and University Archives. She is passionate about providing a space for underrepresented voices in special collections as a way to combat oppression and racism. She is currently involved in a study on  embodied information and cultural heritage performances of the Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico, a Mexican folk dance troupe that she has been involved with for the past 20 years.
Milad Mohebali
Participant , College of Education , Higher Education & Student Affairs
Milad Mohebali is a second-year doctoral student in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program at the University of Iowa. He is interested in educational experiences that cultivate students’ civic agency to bring about organizational and social change. His research mainly focuses on engaged scholarship, student activism, labor, and critical approaches to organizational analysis.
Nicole Oehmen
Participant , College of Liberal Arts & Sciences , Sociology
Nicole is a University of Iowa alumnus many times over, earning both her undergraduate and Master's degrees here. Her thesis applied the question of whether state context, particularly group threat, shapes individual behavior to an analysis of EEOC complaints filed for sex-based discrimination. Her dissertation project focuses on structure/agency and resistance to androsexism. Nicole's collaborative work has been published in Advances in Gender Research. Nicole also serves on the Midwest Sociological Society's Task Force for First Generation College Students.  
Samuel Jambrović
Participant , College of Liberal Arts & Sciences , Linguistics
Sam is an MA candidate in Linguistics and a recent graduate of the MFA program in Spanish Creative Writing, for which he received an Iowa Arts Fellowship. His research interests include phonetics and phonology, historical Romance linguistics, and dialectology; at the moment, he is investigating the sociolinguistic effects of coda-weakening processes in Spanish. He graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with degrees in Hispanic Studies and Performance Studies and was a Fulbright Fellow in Colombia before moving to Iowa City.
Sonia Farmer
Participant , Graduate College , Center for the Book
Sonia Farmer, currently pursuing her MFA in Book Arts at the University of Iowa Center for the Book, is a Bahamian artist and writer who uses letterpress printing, bookbinding, hand-papermaking, and digital projects to build narratives about the Caribbean space. She is the founder of Poinciana Paper Press, a small and independent press located in Nassau, The Bahamas, which produces handmade and limited edition chapbooks of Caribbean literature and promotes the crafts of book arts through workshops and creative collaborations.
Victoria Burns
Participant , College of Liberal Arts & Sciences , English
Victoria (Torie) Burns is a doctoral candidate in English studying 20th and 21st-century American literature and digital humanities. She received her BA in English and Psychology from Duke University. Before entering graduate school, she worked for two years at Vanderbilt University's business school. Her doctoral research examines the relationship between gender, the personal, and (dis)embodiment in life writing.